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What Minimizing risk and maximizing health means to me

Minimizing risk and maximizing health is the driving force behind each of our employees desire to identify and deliver services and solutions that improve our clients, their employees and the community around us.


As the leader of Assurance’s Property & Casualty business, I have the ultimate say in the entire service platform that is brought to bear for our clients in property & casualty. My passion is to always ensure we customize our solutions that best serve the unique needs of our clients.


Leading the hiring of a large number of brokers who believe we can, and must, make our customers better has been my vision.  Guiding the education and development of generating new property and casualty products is ultimately how I drive value for Assurance clients.


I am always looking for ways that of P&C service platform is bringing value and improvement to our clients.  When I see the improvement happening I attempt to determine if we can make the service repeatable and can we credibly calculate the savings.