"I love interacting with clients and employees I genuinely respect on a daily basis."

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Most Proud Of

My children. I am traveling with them from the parent-child days into the adult-friend days. I really love who they are becoming.

My Favorite Food

Any of the four food groups: beef, pork, chicken or lamb!

My Recent Accomplishment

3 decades with Assurance; and I still love my job and this company!

Best Known For

Cooking…anything on the grill - even bacon & eggs!

My Rooting Interest

A graduate of Notre Dame University and avid follower of their athletic program, Jeff claims the Chicago Cubs are actually his favorite sports team. He’s been rooting for the Cubs a lot longer.

My Favorite TV Show

Survivor. Jeff is routinely amazed at how crazy people are.

My Hidden Talent

Accessorizing rooms in a home. Perhaps Jeff should trade Survivor for Extreme Makeover.

Nobody Knows

And he intends to keep it that way.