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What Minimizing risk and maximizing health means to me

A holistic approach on our goals for all of our clients.  This simple phrase really gets to the root of what we as an insurance brokerage should all be about – making our clients and employees healthier and safer.

How does your specific job at Assurance contribute to minimizing risk and maximizing health?

I impact Assurance employees by supporting their healthy choices via snack options in the office.  Additionally, I minimize risk by overseeing CPR training certification for our fire response team. 

What is your work-related philosophy?

No matter what a person’s job is, my role is to support every ‘A’ team member which impacts our clients’ successes. 

In your role, how do you credibly calculate savings for your clients?

I’ve managed numerous projects for clients such as a large mailing project for nonprofit clients, saved our Employee Benefits clients time by printing tens of thousands of Benefit Summaries and have run on-site events for our clients employees’ when they’re in need of conference room space.  

What are your greatest accomplishments at Assurance or in the industry thus far?

My greatest accomplishment here is hiring the next wave of Assurance Rock Stars.  Many current ‘A’ Team employees first began on our Admin Team and were promoted within. Seeing their successful career paths makes me proud.