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What Minimizing risk and maximizing health means to me

It means “shape up” or a sound body. When we are in shape, we are happy.  When we are happy, our clients, our co-workers are happy.

How does your specific job at Assurance contribute to minimizing risk and maximizing health?

I minimize risk by staying informed on potential hazards within the insurance industry, while keeping my clients informed as how it relates to their business. 

What is your work-related philosophy?

I actually stole it from somebody but it works for me… “never put off for tomorrow, what you can do today.”

In your role, how do you credibly calculate savings for your clients?

Making sure that we exhaust all possible ways in placing their coverages with the best carrier for comparable coverages and premiums. Not necessary cheap but best coverage for their bucks.

What are your greatest accomplishments at Assurance or in the industry thus far?

Being promoted to my current role as Senior Account Manager.