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What Minimizing risk and maximizing health means to me

Whatever you do, be passionate about it. Minimize the negativity in the world and focus on how you can make a positive impact.

How does your specific job at Assurance contribute to minimizing risk and maximizing health?

Every day I come to work and essentially want to make our clients’ lives easier. If I’m providing accurate and prompt service then I think that definitely minimizes risk and maximizes health.

What is your work-related philosophy?

It’s hard to learn and grow if you aren’t willing to take risks. I’m not afraid to go out of my comfort zone and trek through unfamiliar territory.

In your role, how do you credibly calculate savings for your clients?

I’ve helped a number of clients reclassify all of their clients’ class codes. By correctly classifying the clients upfront, we helped them avoid large additional premiums when it came time for their annual workers’ compensation audits.

What are your greatest accomplishments at Assurance or in the industry thus far?

I’m currently working towards my first designation, Associate in General Insurance, so I’m very excited to continue expanding my knowledge of the industry!