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What Minimizing risk and maximizing health Means to Me

Minimizing risk and maximizing health - that says it all.  That is what we live for, to help our clients continue to figure out ways to find better solutions to provide to their employees, better solutions and just be a healthier organization


Our growth pattern and our footprint is going to continue to grow across the country.  While that excites us, we’re never going to lose sight of what is most important, and that’s continuing to figure out how to create value for our clients.


There's a lot of opportunity in the integration of casualty risk and employee benefits.  A large portion of the companies we work with are Assurance clients on both sides of the house, but there's not necessarily a lot of collaboration between our service platforms or strategies geared towards combating the challenges of a company on the whole. That's going to be a big push for us, that more holistic approach.


We’re believers that in the compensation we receive from a customer there’s a great responsibility than procuring an insurance policy – we have to find a way to make them a company better