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What Minimizing risk and maximizing health means to me

Do no harm and make the best decisions to help improve the lives of those around you.

How does your specific job at Assurance contribute to minimizing risk and maximizing health?

My job is to help make our company smarter, faster and stronger through technology, systems and processes. I help free up time for our employees to focus on what is most important, our clients. Allowing our employees to think sensitively, critically and intelligently on providing the highest level of service and coverage.

What is your work-related philosophy?

Don’t work harder, work smarter! The most dangerous phrase in the English language is “we’ve always done it this way” and is something I constantly challenge at work to make sure we find the best ways to advance our team as industry leaders.

In your role, how do you credibly calculate savings for your clients?

I credibly calculate savings for my clients by baselining how they currently work and comparing it to how much time I save them with a new streamlined system or process. Thinking from their perspective and using automation as much as possible to remove the need for duplicate data entry and unnecessary steps. Even removing a single button click from a process adds up significantly over time.

What are your greatest accomplishments at Assurance or in the industry thus far?

One of my proudest accomplishments is helping launch our website which has set Assurance down a new path of digital media. I look forward to how it will help our clients and attract new business as it expands.