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What Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Health Means to Me

Insurance is really pretty simple. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking property & casualty, health and dental, auto and home, or any other type of insurance. In the end, fewer claims = cheaper insurance and all-around better operations. You get fewer claims by minimizing risk and maximizing health. Simple.


I believe the children are the future. Teach them well and....wait – seriously?   OK, seriously, Bruce Springsteen.  And then my family.  But mostly Bruce.  As relates to Assurance, I LOVE exposing people to this amazing organization of great people doing great work and being greatly appreciated. The creativity brought to the world of insurance here at Assurance is nothing short of amazing.


I know everyone here at Assurance, including me, is focused collectively on creating $1 billion in measurable client value. I’d add to that vision by working to see our company recognized as the first insurance brokerage to crack the Fortune Magazine Top 100 Best (Large-size) Workplaces in the country.  We need 1,000 employees to qualify, but we’re well on our way.


Have I already mentioned that I believe the children are the future?  Well then let me share my favorite quote (by Bruce Springsteen, naturally) which says “in the end, nobody wins unless everybody wins.” I believe that’s true in life, and especially in business.