At Assurance, we show our clients we’re experts in minimizing risk and maximizing health by doing it for our own employees, who reap the benefits daily. Here, the granola, fresh fruit and coffee are always free; new ideas – all ideas – are rewarded with gift cards; and employees who participate in our wellness events earn bonuses. Not to mention, our robust benefits package features outstanding health, life, dental, vision, company-paid short- and long-term disability, as well as a variety of supplemental plans and discounts that are sure to surprise and delight. 

Here are just a few of the award-winning, benefits, perks and advantages offered our insurance rock stars. But, remember this is just the tip of the iceberg!


As a company that also believes strongly in measurable results, we know numbers don’t lie. And when it comes to the benefits of a healthy workforce, our numbers are overwhelming. Still, we didn’t become wellness gurus overnight. Over the past few years, it’s been the willingness of our employees to engage, participate and have fun that has ultimately led to our highly successful “Eye of the Tiger” wellness program.

In fact, our wellness culture is just an everyday part of life at Assurance. In 2010, Assurance introduced wellness as one of our seven major corporate strategies for sustained success. An employee-run wellness committee was formed to help set the stage and goals for this strategy. Each of the goals focus on areas we could measure: physical activity, tobacco-free life choice, healthy weight, preventative care and smart healthcare consumerism.

Our Wellness Committee has provided over 75 on-site wellness programs aimed at these goals, including: