Odds are you didn’t study insurance in college. And odds are you don’t spend your free time reviewing the latest actuarial tables. (If you do, please see our careers section!) As for the rest of you, we invite you to experience our calculators. They’re great tools to check up your existing coverage and even play a little, “What if?”.

Math was always easier with a calculator. Same is true with insurance!



When moving into a large deductible program, your business will need collateral to show you’ll be able to pay for losses if incurred. Collateral is generally proven through a Letter of Credit from an approved bank. This calculator will help you determine how much collateral you’ll need during a 3-year time period.

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Collateral Calculator

This type of estimation is similar for self-insurance. With self-insurance, you’re working with an individual state instead of an insurance company but the process for calculating collateral is similar. For more information, please consult your insurance broker or contact Assurance for a more detailed analysis.