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We’re an independent insurance brokerage built by producers, for producers.

Most of the insurance industry marginalizes their production talent, but not Assurance. We’ve grown our business, first and foremost, by helping producers build their individual books of business. And we reward their efforts in compensation and granted equity. To make this happen, we continuously empower our producers’ entrepreneurial spirit and provide unparalleled support. Our unique business model has led Assurance to become the 35th largest insurance brokerage in the United States, as well as the 12th largest privately-owned brokerage firm. Read more.


Assurance Producers Are at the Top

We believe it's our responsiility to ensure the book producers build with us awards them better compensation than they could earn as an entrepreneur broker or with another brokerage - and offer unprecedented support to help them do it. Read more

Come for the Splits, Stay for the Stock

As producers build their book at Assurance, they'll not only earn a 32 percent split on everything, but they'll also be working toward becoming an Assurance shareholder. Read more

2x the Book Without 2x the Work

Assurance producers earn the most dollars per minute spent thanks to our support system, which provides the critical resources needed to foster amazing relationships. We invest a robust percentage of our profits back into the services clients need to improve their operations. Read more


The Assurance Difference: Blog posts from Assurance CEO Tony Chimino on building a producer-perfect brokerage


Discover more about the Assurance difference.

Learn how you can grow and thrive at Assurance. At Assurance, you get in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Read more