The DOL has released an updated version of the Marketplace Notice.

Please note that this extends the “expiration date” by one month. It's likely that we'll continue to see this date extended on a monthly basis for the time being.

As with other updates for this notice, the only change is the expiration date on page 1 in the upper right hand corner. Pages 2 and 3 remain unchanged.

While employers may update this as new versions are released, it's not imperative that employers update the version they're currently using at this time. If any updates are released that require immediate action, we will let you know.

Please reach out to your Assurance representative with any questions.

Information contained herein is not intended to constitute tax or legal advice and should not be used for purposes of evading or avoiding otherwise applicable regulatory responsibilities as issued by the federal or state government(s) and/or taxes owed under the Internal Revenue Code. You are encouraged to seek advice from your legal or tax advisor based on your circumstances.