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Schaumburg, IL (October 8, 2012) - On September 25, 2012, several employees from Assurance gathered down the street to volunteer at the adjacent forest preserve – Busse Woods. Located in northwestern Cook County, Busse Woods is a 3,700 acre National Natural Landmark and is one of the most frequently visited parks in the state of Illinois. Assurance worked in tandem with The Friends of Busse Woods, a regional stewardship group, to promote and support restoration activities. 

Assurance Caring Together (ACT) volunteers spent the morning cutting down buckthorn and building a bonfire to dispose of the invasive shrub. In the afternoon, the team picked seed and spread it in the recently cleared areas. Their efforts brought The Friends of Busse Woods one step closer to their goal of removing buckthorn and providing a diverse and healthy ecosystem.

"The community loves this park, and there are many plant and animal species that depend on it for survival,” said Sean Baker CRM Specialist at Assurance. He continued, "It was great to support this habitat and keep Busse Woods a thriving place for biodiversity and recreation.”

Under the motto "We Can Be Heroes,” Assurance employees have donated over 10,500 labor hours in a seven year span through volunteer opportunities organized by ACT. The Friends of Busse Woods is one of over 15 events scheduled for this year. To find more information or volunteer opportunities, visit www.bussewoods.net/volunteer.