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Schaumburg, IL (October 15, 2012) - On October 9, 2012, members of Assurance teamed up to spend a day with the residents of Bethesda Home, an assisted living facility in Chicago. Serving aging adults for over a century, Bethesda is a not-for-profit community dedicated to providing an active and enjoyable home for those in need of specialized care.

Assurance Caring Together (ACT) volunteers arrived excited to meet residents of Bethesda. Both volunteers and residents put their creative talents to work while doing art projects and playing Wii Bowling. Later, all of the women residents were treated to manicures. The group also worked to make plastic bag mattresses to donate to the homeless.

"I really enjoyed interacting with the residents and working together to provide mattresses for another important cause,” said Jennifer Bernal, Accout Manager/Supervisor at Assurance. Certificate Tracking Supervisor, Carrie Sitzmann added that, "It was a great experience being able to put a puzzle together with one of the residents and hear her life stories.”

Under the motto "We Can Be Heroes,” Assurance employees have donated over 10,500 labor hours in a seven year span through volunteer opportunities organized by ACT. Assurance volunteers join their friends at Bethesda every year as one of over 15 ACT events. To find more information about Bethesda Home or additional volunteer opportunities, visit www.bethesdahome.com.