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Schaumburg, IL (August 14, 2012) – Effective July 22, 2012, the U.S. Department of State (DOS) discontinued its Sole Source DBA mandatory insurance program which required all contractors to procure DBA insurance through a single broker – Rutherfoord; this new development has allowed independent insurance brokerages, like Assurance, the opportunity to offer competitive rates to DOS contractors. As Rutherfoords DBA loss ratio is averaging 228% and has ranged from 169% to 493% during the program's tenure, Assurance and its Government Contracting Division leader, John Mannebach, have been able to write government contract business with a loss ratio under 35%, as well as provide a unique service platform.

Mannebach has insured government contract businesses for over 12 years and services clients in industries such as aviation, hazmat and firefighting, armed security, technology, facilities maintenance, engineering, construction and training and education. With the opportunity to provide insurance through multiple carriers and utilizing Assurance's robust service platform, Mannebach can offer DOS contractors access to claims management advocacy, risk control, safety consulting and program design options, including DBA, OCONUS and CONUS Property and Casualty, Health Insurance and Ancillary Benefits.

"The recent discontinuation is a great move to provide more competitive rates and additional services to DOS contractors,” said Mannebach. He continued, "Assurance's expertise in the industry and ability to produce measurable results for over 5,600 clients worldwide will be a key differentiator for contractors currently paying too much for their DBA.”