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Schaumburg, IL (February 28, 2013) - Melanie DeVos of Carpentersville has been promoted to vice president, Client Services – Property and Casualty at Assurance, an independent insurance brokerage located in Schaumburg and St. Louis.

This newly created role is designed to bring leadership and consistency to the way Assurance delivers service to all its Property and Casualty clients, and DeVos's promotion initiates changes in internal operations.

For the short-term, DeVos will remain as a client services director (CSD). However, her scope will expand to provide guidance and oversight to the CSDs on each of Assurance's major Property and Casualty teams.

"Melanie's understanding of how to deliver outstanding service while operating a dynamic and efficient team is remarkable,” said Dan Klaras, president of Assurance's Property and Casualty division. "Her energy, intelligence, hard work and quick learning allowed her to grow into account manager, staff manager and then client services director. Her new role is both recognition of the natural leadership she already exhibits, as well as an opportunity for her skills to create a wider impact on our company.”

DeVos joined Assurance 13 years ago. She holds an Associate in Insurance Services (AIS) designation and Property and Casualty license.

"I'm turning a new chapter in my career, and it's extremely exciting,” DeVos said. "This new position holds so many challenges and learning opportunities. I'll continue to grow and learn from people who I consider my role models and mentors.”

Property and Casualty division restructure

Coinciding with DeVos's promotion, Kristin Lindblom of Arlington Heights is being promoted to client services director of the staffing practice which is DeVos's former role. Lindblom has demonstrated an initiative and ability that led her first to the supervisor role and now as the CSD for the newly defined team. While working full-time, she also earned her Master's in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Roosevelt University.