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Assurance encourages employees and local businesses to go the distance
with wellness.



Schaumburg, IL (April 27, 2014) - Assurance, an independent insurance brokerage with offices near Chicago and St. Louis, has seen firsthand what the power of wellness can do for an employee base, as well as rising health care costs. In fact, wellness is such an important part of Assurance’s culture it’s even built into the company’s bonus structure.

In 2013, Assurance embarked upon a 5k Challenge – tasking its 300 employees with walking or running at least one accredited 5k. Over 85% of the company had to complete this feat in order to receive part of a year-end bonus. A “Couch to 5k” program was started and over 28 onsite fitness classes were offered to help employees get in race shape. Assurance also hosted its own accredited 5k at Busse Woods in Schaumburg, IL, for employees and their friends and family.

What happened next was nothing short of amazing…
To train, employees collectively completed 2,744 wellness events. Some “went the distance” by running multiple 5ks or completing 8ks and half marathons around the Chicagoland and St. Louis area. As a way to offset some of the cost, Assurance reimbursed employees with 50% off the registration fee, up to $50 per event and a maximum of $200 a year. If the event requires sponsorship towards a charity, Assurance also kicked in an additional $50 per event up to a maximum of $100 per employee per year.

Rounding out the challenge, over 300 participants from all different age groups came together and walked or ran in Assurance’s 5k. At the end of the day, Assurance employees walked or ran an astonishing combined total of 852.5 miles and completed their 2013 goal with 93% employee participation.

What’s next in terms of wellness?
Besides challenging employees to complete four different wellness goals throughout 2014, including another 5k, Assurance is promoting the value of wellness to other local companies by sponsoring the Daily Herald and its Fittest Loser Challenge. Twenty-three corporate teams and 13 park district teams are working for a 12-week period to improve their fitness and lose weight. Assurance is providing support through a series of educational resources, including free participant and employer-focused webinars. At the grand finale, Assurance will present the winning team with a donation match of $1,000 to a charity of their choice – with the Daily Herald providing the initial donation of $1,000 – and a FitBit for each member of the winning team.

To motivate the future employees of America, Assurance will also be donating $1 for every 5k video view to its charity partner Kids Fit Foundation. The campaign will run up until National Running Day - June 4, 2014 - and is capped at "$5k."

For more information on Assurance’s wellness and employee benefits program, visit: www.assuranceagency.com/solutions/employee-benefits