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Schaumburg, IL (April 9, 2014) - With all of the hype surrounding health care reform, it can be hard to know where your company stands. Luckily, Assurance is here to save the day with a five-part webinar series surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The series kicks off on April 9 with a webinar titled “ACA Series: Understanding Transitional Guidance.” Attendees will be guided by compliance expert Mark Lam and treated to white papers and other various materials at the conclusion of each webinar. At the end of April, the information will be combined into a multi-page “ACA Playbook” for the various companies impacted by the Employer Mandate.

ACA Webinar Series #1: Understanding Transitional Guidance | April 9

Recently published guidance provides notification of important changes and transition rules that will be of value to employers complying with Employer Mandate requirements. We discussed recent transitional guidance scenarios and how they may be applicable to your company.

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ACA Webinar Series #2: Defining a Large Employer | April 16

In February 2014, the IRS issued their final regulations on the ACA, which provided the answers needed to clearly define a "full-time employee" and determine "large employer" status. This webinar will review these definitions and help employers determine whether they're subject to the Employer Mandate.

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ACA Webinar Series #3: Variable Hour Employees & Safe Harbors | April 23

To alleviate some of the burden in determining whether an employee meets the "variable hour" standard, the IRS introduced safe harbors for measurement and stability period tracking. We’ll review the definition of a "variable hour" employee and provide examples of companies effectively implementing safe harbors.

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ACA Webinar Series #4: Reporting Requirements | April 30

The Employer Mandate delay provides employers transitional relief and allows time to adapt to minimal essential coverage requirements and update reporting systems. This webinar will review the final rules, establish a timeline for compliance and ensure your understanding of the reporting requirements.

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ACA Webinar Series #5: Compliance Strategy | May 7

Employers subject to the Employer Mandate should join this webinar to review available insurance solutions, employee contribution strategies and tips for measurement period tracking.

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