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Who: A group of dedicated Assurance employees spent the day volunteering with Aspire – one of the largest human service nonprofits in west suburban Chicago. Aspire assists more than 1,000 children and adults with developmental disabilities each year.

What: Assurance employees spent a hard day’s work landscaping over 1,000 square feet at Aspire, which included:

  • Planting trees
  • Pulling weeds
  • Racking old multh to lay over 40 bags of new mulch
  • Rearranging and planting flowers for the season

When: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 />

Where: Aspire Eamon Shannon Center (Headquarters)

              1815 South Wolf Road

               Hillside, IL 601633

Why: The volunteer opportunity is one of 22 similar events scheduled for 2016 where Assurance employees donate their time to deserving nonprofit organizations. All volunteer days are organized by the company’s employee-driven charitable foundation, Assurance Caring Together (ACT). Assurance employees have donated over 19,000 labor hours in the last eleven years through ACT.