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SCHAUMBURG, IL (July 16, 2014)Assurance, an independent insurance brokerage with offices near Chicago and St. Louis, continued its commitment to giving on July 1, 2014, when a number of employees spent their work day volunteering with Safe Humane Chicago. This is the first year Assurance volunteers have assisted the organization.

Safe Humane Chicago’s mission is to create “safe and humane” communities by inspiring positive relationships between people and animals. It’s an alliance of non-traditional partners that recognize the connections between animal abuse and interpersonal violence and the benefits of the human-animal bond. Their programs focus on education, advocacy and second chances.

The volunteer opportunity is one of 18 similar events scheduled for 2014, where Assurance employees donate their time to deserving nonprofit organizations. All volunteer days are organized by the company’s employee-driven charitable foundation Assurance Caring Together (ACT).  

Nearly 20 Assurance volunteers gathered at Chicago Care and Animal Control (CCAC) to learn about Safe Humane Chicago’s mission and the various animals temporarily housed at the southside facility. In the morning, the group cleaned file cabinets, stuffed marketing folders, socialized with cats and made over 150 dog treats. After lunch, the group was able to exercise and bathe 33 dogs. Safe Humane was greatful to have such a large group of volunteers, because otherwise, very few dogs are able to get out of their cages for an extended period of time.

“It was interesting to learn about Safe Humane’s mission and the thousands of animals that come through the door each year in need of foster care and permanent homes,” said Justin Gregerson, Client Service Representative at Assurance. He continued, “The experience was amazing, and I plan to be a regular volunteer there.” 

Under the motto “We Can Be Heroes”, Assurance employees have donated over 14,500 labor hours in a nine year span through volunteer opportunities organized by ACT. If you or your business would like to volunteer with Safe Humane Chicago, please visit http://www.safehumanechicago.org/.