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Chicago, Ill. (July 28, 2014) - Assurance is pleased to announce its expansion into the heart of downtown Chicago, a move that mirrors its accelerated growth in the insurance brokerage industry. With this expansion, Assurance looks to extend its offerings in a number of business sectors, including technology and financial services, along with rolling out its award-winning approach to fostering employee growth and satisfaction to the epicenter of business in the Midwest.

“Our new Chicago space is very reflective of our commitment to minimizing risk and maximizing health,” said Steven Handmaker, Assurance’s chief marketing officer. “In some ways, it’s the physical manifestation of our deep-held belief that companies, like our clients, can reduce their insurance costs in part by encouraging and enhancing employee health and wellness. From our new vacation room aimed at improving mental health to the free healthy snacks and opportunities for fitness throughout the day, our new Chicago location is more than merely an office. It’s an example of Assurance’s commitment to ‘walking the walk.'”

Conveniently located just steps away from Ogilvie Transportation Center and the French Market, the new office at 111 N. Canal St. brings Assurance closer than ever to the burgeoning tech sector in Chicago. The location boasts creative technology neighbors like GoGoWireless and Twitter.

Assurance is dedicated to providing a work culture that not only nurtures their employees’ productivity and proficiency, but also fosters creativity and innovation. As a result, the overall design of the space has more of a tech feel, than that of a stereotypical insurance brokerage. Offering perks like a vacation room, where employees can escape from everyday pressures to brainstorm and take advantage of blue-sky thinking, the new Chicago office is truly a next-generation space.

Headquartered in Schaumburg, Ill., Assurance makes regular appearances on a variety of “Best Place to Work” rankings, most recently receiving the accolade from the National Association for Business Resources. Taking the award as a challenge and recognizing the need to continually strive for improvement and progress, Assurance is deeply invested in ensuring this second Illinois office is a place that caters to the needs of its employees and downtown clients. As such, nearly 60 employees transferred from the Schaumburg headquarters to the new, more convenient Chicago location. Assurance plans to quickly fill the 125-person space over the next few years.

This new downtown location marks Assurance as a growing force in the world of Chicago business, bringing commerce and new jobs to a city on the rise.