Business Insurance.

When it comes to Property and Casualty insurance, results matter.  We get that.  We welcome that.  For we know it’s not just about low cost insurance NOW.  It’s about strategies that create value through consistently lower than average costs over time. 


Employee Benefits.

With over 100 awards including Best Place to Work, we’re recognized as a benefits innovator.  We've established a track record for creating engaging, consumer-driven benefits programs that maximize participants’ health and improve the bottom line.


Financial Services.

From a top notch financial services 'A' team to educational newsletters, we're minimizing fiduciary risk and maximizing the financial health of participants with our company sponsored retirement savings plans.



Our rock solid relationships with both clients and insurance companies help us efficiently issue and track bonds. Through a dedicated service team and 24/7 support, we minimize risk in time to get the job done.


Private Insurance.

If your business insurance broker brought you one insurance option year after year, you’d fire them.  Yet, that's exactly what many business executives receive when it comes to their personal insurance.  You deserve better.  


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There are significant fixed and variable cost components that drive a client’s total cost of risk – whether it’s on the business insurance, employee benefits, financial, bonds or private insurance side. What makes Assurance unique is that we understand this concept and have integrated multiple service platforms into one cohesive unit. Our insurance professionals work in lockstep with other departments across the agency. This service platform provides clients with a handpicked team based on risk profile, as well as ensures best in class service, transactional expertise and a dedicated claims and safety advocates.

Assurance’s approach also keeps the entire team’s objectives in line with our clients and results in procuring best in class coverage, cost-effective pricing and a combination of programs that minimize risk and maximize health for your organization. Key advantages include: early risk identification, effective pre and post claims management, reduced claims and premium cost, robust wellness initiatives and benefits, as well as improved business processes.

Where we can help your business.

Over 430 employees work in tandem to offer the following solutions.

What sets Assurance apart from the rest of the insurance world?

We are in a unique position when it comes to market access and insurance solutions due to our size and independence. The large publicly traded brokerages are usually driven by financial results on behalf of their stockholders. Due to their perpetuation model, they’re required to profit at a high level which can only be done by receiving contingency commissions. These commissions are typically offered by the large national carriers.

Assurance, on the other hand, is able to set a long-term vision that’s focused on financial results brought to clients. This vision (of creating $1 billion in value annually for clients) infiltrates each of our solutions, so we’re spending the necessary time and resources on services that will minimize your total cost of risk and produce long-term value.

Rollin' Deep in Industry Expertise

Because of our broad industry focus, businesses across the country benefit from the way in which we market insurance programs, negotiate premiums and identify the best fit. And if one of the hundreds of 'A' rated carrier partners we work with can’t offer a solution to fit our clients’ needs, we have the expertise to go an alternative route. Here's just a sampling of the many industries we work with day in and day out.

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