Our passion is insurance. What's yours? Over the years we’ve learned nothing has a greater impact on our clients’ bottom line than knowing your industry like the back of our hand. We dig deep to better understand the key drivers of your insurance costs. Then, we ask the tough questions to uncover ways to minimize your risk and maximize the health of your organization.


Each of our core disciplines has dedicated experts that don't just place your business, but stay on top of the latest trends in your industry. We get active in associations you belong to, speak at conferences you attend and author articles in the publications you read. Then, we share our knowledge with you through Assurance University, our blog, white papers, case studies, videos or other industry focused educational resources, so you can take advantage of all our hard work.


Want to see measurable results? Practice makes perfect, and we've got it down to a science. From day one, we agonize over every detail of your insurance program and make recommendations for improvements along the way. And at the end of the plan year, we give you a report card on plan performance and recommendations for how to make your workforce healthier, safer and more productive which ultimately translates to the lowest possible premiums.



Rollin' Deep in Industry Expertise

Because of our broad industry focus, businesses across the country benefit from the way in which we market insurance programs, negotiate premiums and identify the best fit. And if one of the hundreds of 'A' rated carrier partners we work with can’t offer a solution to fit our clients’ needs, we have the expertise to go an alternative route. Here's just a sampling of the many industries we work with day in and day out.