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Assurance University was formalized in 2004 with a mission to provide educational opportunities for business leaders to help them better understand, and therefore, control the cost of their insurance. The program hosts 30+ webinars and seminars a year with speakers ranging from insurance professionals and underwriters to attorneys and industry-specific specialists. Our clients also see a ROI in our program due to the availability of continuing education credits in a number of fields such as staffing, accounting, human resources, nurses and hospitals. 

All Assurance clients get free access to our webinars and seminars. If clients can’t attend a live webinar event, that’s okay too. AU Replay houses recordings to almost all of our webinars, so busy professionals can get the knowledge needed anytime, anywhere. 

Start learning now. Use the sort buttons below to find Assurance University events that pertain to the topic or industry you’re looking for and register today! 

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